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Gazzew switches

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Your guide to Gazzew switches

What are Gazzew switches?

Gazzew switches are a lineup of mechanical switches designed by Gazzew. They are known for their smoothness, unique stem design, and customization options. Gazzew switches come in different variants, including tactile, linear, and silent options.

What are the different variants of Gazzew switches?

Gazzew switches come in several variants, including the U4 (silent tactile), U4T (thocky tactile), U4Tx (half-thocky tactile), LT (linear thock), and Bobagum (silent linear).

What makes Gazzew switches unique?

Gazzew switches, depending on variety, have a tactile bump or linear feel depending on the variant. The linear variants include the Bobagum and LT. The tactile variants include the U4, U4T, and U4Tx. Gazzew switches are also popular among keyboard enthusiasts for their customization options, high quality, and tight tolerances.

Who manufactures Gazzew switches?

Outemu is the manufacturer of Gazzew switches.

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