Why we do what we do

About us

Milktooth Moocow and switches

Our mission is to help our customers discover the best switch for them in the easiest and most intuitive way possible.

One of our founders had a big problem. She did not know how to choose the best switch for her keyboard build.

She was overwhelmed by YouTube videos, Discord logs, and Reddit posts as she guessed what switch is best for her. We knew that others would be facing this struggle too. So, we wanted to reimagine how we shop for mechanical switches.

We started Milktooth to let you try switches before they buy them—at home, for free. Now, you can have fun discovering the best switch for you in the comfort of your home. Because of that, you can be confident that you’ve picked the best switch for your dream keyboard.

We think buying switches should be intuitive and fun. There’s nothing complicated about it.