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KTT Vanilla Ice Cream Linear Switches

Vanilla Ice Cream


The KTT Vanilla Ice Cream linear switch stands out in a crowded field, thanks to its ingenious use of POK in both the stem and bottom housing. This choice of material offers typists a remarkably smooth and creamy feel, reminiscent of the dessert it's named after. Acoustically, these switches don't disappoint either, delivering a high-pitched and clacky sound signature that further differentiates them from the competition.



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The Vanilla Ice Cream's bottom-out of 48g is heavier than 1 out of 5 switches




The Vanilla Ice Cream's total travel distance is 3.5mm (standard travel is 4mm)



Technical data

Switch typeLinear
Switch brandKTT
Top housing materialProprietary KTT blend
Bottom housing materialPOK
Mount typePCB (5-pin)
Stem constructionStandard
Stem materialPOK
SpringStainless steel 18mm spring
Actuation weight43g
Bottom-out weight48g
Factory lube statusYes, factory lubed
Pre-travel distance1.90 mm
Total travel distance3.50 mm

The technical data of a switch can be hard to understand. Our goal here is to demystify how these specs affect feel and sound. We hope this helps you discover whether or not a switch might be a good fit.

Actuation: 43g

A switch's actuation force, or force required to trigger a keystroke, on the KTT Vanilla Ice Cream requires 43g of force. This is lighter than 84% of other switches' actuation force in our selection.

A switch's actuation force is based on the entire switch design.

Bottom-out: 48g

Bottoming out, or pressing all the way down, on this KTT Vanilla Ice Cream switch requires 48g of force. With a lighter bottom-out than 91% of switches in our selection, the KTT Vanilla Ice Cream is considered lightweight.

A switch's bottom-out force is dependent solely on its spring weight.

What matters more: Actuation or Bottom-out Force?

If you prefer to bottom-out when you type, bottom-out force is the more relevant measurement. If you do not, then actuation force is more relevant.

Factory Lubed

The KTT Vanilla Ice Cream is factory lubed. This is done to reduce friction and improve the feel of the switch. Other effects include reduced noise and if a tactile switch, slightly decreased tactility. Choosing a factory lubed switch saves you time and energy from having to lube the switch yourself. Factories have drastically improved the lubing process over the years, meaning more and more factory-lubed switches are great to use out-of-the-box.

Top Housing: Proprietary KTT blend

Proprietary KTT blend is the KTT Vanilla Ice Cream's top housing material. KTT references "special mixed materials" for its proprietary housing blend. We find it offers a high-pitched and clacky sound signature.

Bottom Housing: POK

POK is the KTT Vanilla Ice Cream's bottom housing material. The POK material, also known as polyketone, is a top choice for making switches. It has a coefficient of friction of 0.04, which is slightly higher than LY (0.03), making it one of the smoothest materials available. In terms of durability, it is exceptionally strong, with wear resistance 14 times stronger than POM. Additionally, its shock resistance surpasses Nylon by 2.3 times and POM by 1.4 times. Overall, the POK material contributes to smooth, clacky, and durable switches.

A note on housings

The KTT Vanilla Ice Cream uses different materials in its top and bottom housings. As such, the qualities each housing material brings to the switch will be split between the bottom and the top of the switch.

When you press down on this switch you will feel the qualities of the bottom housing: the bottom housing has more of an impact on the bottom-out sound and feel. On the other hand, the top housing will have more of an impact on the sound when you let go of a key.

Mount type: PCB (5-pin)

The KTT Vanilla Ice Cream is a PCB (5-pin) mount switch. PCB-mount, or 5-pin, switches feature 2 extra alignment pins when compared to their 3-pin counterparts. This ensures alignment (i.e. switch won't rotate and will stay in place) if your keyboard does not feature a plate or if you choose not to use one. If your keyboard's PCB does not have holes for these alignment pins, you will need to trim them off before installing them.

Stem construction: Standard

The cross-shaped stem construction is the most standard as well as the most classic, as it is derived from the original Cherry switches.



When referring to the sound, a buttery switch implies a smooth and fluid keystroke experience. These switches provide a seamless, effortless, and uniform typing sensation.


Marbly switches are resonant, high-pitched, and clean. To better concretize the marbly adjective in the context of keyboard switches, imagine tapping on a rock-solid piece of marble; alternatively, imagine the sound of two billiard balls colliding.


High-pitched switches produce a sharp and crisp sound when pressed. If you do not like the more rich and bassy sound profiles of certain keyboard switches, be sure to pick higher-pitched ones.


Creamy keyboard switches offer a smooth and buttery typing experience. Frequently, this is due to having lubricant applied in the switch at the factory, but this could also be because of specific materials. When typing on a creamy switch, you can expect a silky sensation. It's like gliding your fingers across the keys with ease, as they effortlessly melt into each keystroke.


When typing on a resonant switch, you can expect a higher-pitched sound profile and an immersive auditory experience. The sound profile is clean and sharp.

No sound test available for this switch yet!

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