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Keygeek Keygeek Raw Linear Switches

Keygeek Raw


The Keygeek Raw switches set themselves apart with their unique material blend. The top housing combines Nylon and UMPE, while the bottom features UMPE with an added touch of Silicon, crafting a switch that's delightfully creamy yet unexpectedly lightweight. Arriving unlubricated, these switches provide a slightly textured feel right out of the box, and they're the perfect starting point for enthusiasts who prefer to hand-lube their switches.



10 switches/order

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The Keygeek Raw's bottom-out of 57.5g is heavier than 2 out of 5 switches




The Keygeek Raw's total travel distance is 3.4mm (standard travel is 4mm)



Technical data

Switch typeLinear
Switch brandKeygeek
Top housing materialNylon & UPE blend
Bottom housing materialUMPE & Si blend
Mount typePCB (5-pin)
Stem constructionPartial box
Stem materialPOM
Spring22mm single-stage spring
Bottom-out weight57.5g
Factory lube statusNot factory lubed
Pre-travel distance1.40 mm
Total travel distance3.40 mm

The technical data of a switch can be hard to understand. Our goal here is to demystify how these specs affect feel and sound. We hope this helps you discover whether or not a switch might be a good fit.

Bottom-out: 57.5g

Bottoming out, or pressing all the way down, on this Keygeek Keygeek Raw switch requires 57.5g of force. With a lighter bottom-out than 59% of switches in our selection, the Keygeek Keygeek Raw is considered mediumweight.

A switch's bottom-out force is dependent solely on its spring weight.

Not factory lubed

The Keygeek Keygeek Raw is not factory lubed (also known as a dry switch). This makes it most ideal for enthusiasts who, if desired, seek to lube their own switches for the most customizability, precision, and flexibility with specific lube options. Moreover, the material blend of a given switch may not necessitate additional factory lubing.

Top Housing: Nylon & UPE blend

Nylon & UPE blend is the Keygeek Keygeek Raw's top housing material. This blend is exclusive to Keygeek Raw switches.

Bottom Housing: UMPE & Si blend

UMPE & Si blend is the Keygeek Keygeek Raw's bottom housing material. This blend is exclusive to Keygeek Raw switches.

A note on housings

The Keygeek Keygeek Raw uses different materials in its top and bottom housings. As such, the qualities each housing material brings to the switch will be split between the bottom and the top of the switch.

When you press down on this switch you will feel the qualities of the bottom housing: the bottom housing has more of an impact on the bottom-out sound and feel. On the other hand, the top housing will have more of an impact on the sound when you let go of a key.

Mount type: PCB (5-pin)

The Keygeek Keygeek Raw is a PCB (5-pin) mount switch. PCB-mount, or 5-pin, switches feature 2 extra alignment pins when compared to their 3-pin counterparts. This ensures alignment (i.e. switch won't rotate and will stay in place) if your keyboard does not feature a plate or if you choose not to use one. If your keyboard's PCB does not have holes for these alignment pins, you will need to trim them off before installing them.

Stem construction: Partial box

Switches with a box stem reduce wobble in two ways. One is through an aesthetic enhancement by reducing resting state wobble: this makes it such that gaps between your lines of keycaps are more straight and won't appear jagged.

Second, box stems have a stricter x and y-axis tolerance as you press down.

Switches with box-shaped stems are also technically more dustproof and water-resistant.

(Although neat in theory, at Milktooth, we do not think the latter two features are very consequential.)



Textured (or scratchy) switches refer to switches that have noticeable friction when pressed. Some switches might have a subtle texture that is preferred by some users, while others much prefer a smoother, friction-free typing experience.


A mild mechanical keyboard switch offer a more gentle typing experience compared to switches with more pronounced characteristics. With these switches, the sound and feel will be approachable to most, as its qualities all stand in a safe, middle-ground zone.


A neutral switch has a moderate actuation force requirement and a moderate sound profile. This makes the switch suitable for most intents and purposes: whether or not you are a beginner or advanced, or if you are planning to use these at home or work.


A subtle switch has a gentle resistance which is not feather but still maintains a light typing feel. Moreover, the sound signature will not be resonant, meaning it is suitable for shared spaces.

No sound test available for this switch yet!

Try Keygeek Keygeek Raw switches before buying them

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How it works

First, pick 10 switches you want to try. Then, we'll send you those 10 switches to try at home for 5 days. You'll get to experience the switches and see how they feel. We'll also include a guide to help you pick your favorite switch and a preprinted return shipping label.

What comes in my try at-home box?

The 10 switches you choose will be installed on switch tester bases so you can type on them as you would on a normal keyboard. Your try at-home kit comes with a preprinted return shipping label.

How much does this try-before-you-buy program cost?

At just $15—shipping included—the try at-home program is the most cost-effective way to try switches before buying them. At less than half the cost of switch testers and with more than triple the variety to choose from, you can try before you buy without breaking the bank so you can be sure you're getting the right switch for your needs.

How do I buy the switches I want?

Send back the switches in your box using your prepaid label and purchase your favorite (or favorites)!

Everything that's included

First, try switches at home with shipping included both ways. After purchasing the switches you love most, know your switches come with a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy. If you don't love your switches, we'll take them back—no questions asked.