Gateron Ink Yellow Linear Switches
Gateron Ink Yellow Linear Switches
Gateron Ink Yellow Linear Switches
Gateron Ink Yellow Linear Switches
Gateron Ink Yellow Linear Switches

Ink Yellow


This switch is characterized by a shorter travel. We recommend it most to those who want a typing experience between that on a laptop and on a standard mechanical keyboard. This switch showcases a pleasant smoothness and clackiness.


10 switches/order

Orders ship from California and arrive within 2-5 days.

Top Housing

Proprietary INK blend

Bottom Housing

Proprietary INK blend

Mount Type

PCB (5-pin)

Stem material




Lube info

Slight factory lube

Stem construction

Partial box


1.50 mm

Total travel

3.50 mm





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Sound test

Try Gateron Ink Yellow switches before buying them

Pick 10 switches and we'll send them your way to try at home for 5 days.

How it works

First, pick 10 switches you want to try. Then, we'll send you those 10 switches to try at home for 5 days. You'll get to experience the switches and see how they feel. We'll also include a guide to help you pick your favorite switch and a preprinted return shipping label.

What comes in my try at-home box?

The 10 switches you choose will be installed on switch tester bases so you can type on them as you would on a normal keyboard. Your try at-home kit comes with a preprinted return shipping label.

How much does this try-before-you-buy program cost?

It costs $10, but we e-mail you a $10 discount code upon checking out with your try at-home switches. This makes our try-before-you-buy program essentially free.

How do I buy the switches I want?

Send back the switches in your box using your prepaid label and purchase your favorite (or favorites)! Don't forget to apply your $10 discount code from your try at-home at checkout.

Everything that's included

First, try switches at home with shipping included both ways. After purchasing the switches you love most, know your switches come with a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy. If you don't love your switches, we'll take them back—no questions asked.