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Your guide to Keygeek switches

What is Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd?

Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Yueqing Tongda Cable Power Plant that specializes in the R&D, production, and sales of keyboard switches and other keyboard accessories. Founded in 1990 and located in Yueqing City, Wenzhou, they are a recognized manufacturing enterprise within the electrical capital of China, with the right to import and export.

What certifications has Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology obtained?

The company's products have achieved multiple international safety certifications, including UL, C-UL, ENEC, VDE, CE, CB, TUV, CQC, and KC. Additionally, it has attained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, evidencing their commitment to quality and safety in their products.

What intellectual property does Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology hold?

Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has a robust portfolio of intellectual property, owning 6 national invention patents, 48 utility model patents, and 12 appearance patents, showcasing their commitment to innovation and design in the switch manufacturing industry.

Who are some of the notable clients of Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology?

The company provides switches and components to a number of well-known domestic and international enterprises, including China North Industry Group Lingyun Group, Midea appliances, Galanz, Thorp appliances, Tianjin LG, Hangzhou Joyoung, Shanghai Pentium, Whirlpool, France SEB, Germany Ojian, and the German-Spanish joint venture TEKA, among others.

What development milestones has Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology achieved?

In September 2009, Jiangsu Tongda Weipeng Electric Co., Ltd., an extension of the company, established a modern standard plant spanning 30,000 square meters in Jiangsu Qidong Binhai Industrial Park. This expansion was a significant step towards achieving their goal of becoming a leading switch manufacturer both in China and internationally.

What are the aspirations of Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology?

Zhejiang Key Geek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. aims to become a leader in the switch manufacturing industry globally. This is evidenced by their continuous expansion, such as the establishment of a modern plant in Jiangsu and their extensive list of safety certifications and patents.

Your guide to linear switches

What is a linear switch?

Linear switches are a type of switch that offers users a smooth and gliding typing feel in contrast to the bump found in tactile switches.

What are linear switches good for?

Linear switches are good for many use cases. Linear switches are good for gaming because of their consistent keystrokes. Linear switches are also good for office work and noise-sensitive environments because of their quietness. Other users like it for its smoothness and clacky or thocky sound profile.

Are linear switches better?

Ultimately, the best switch for you comes down to personal preference. But if you are looking for a buttery smooth typing experience with a subdued sound profile, then linear switches are for you.

Do linear switches feel weird?

Linear switches should not feel weird: they are consistent and smooth. However, if you prefer more tactile feedback when typing, consider tactile and clicky switches.

Do linear switches click?

Linear switches do not click. Instead, expect smooth keystrokes without tactile bumps or clicks.

Can you type fast with linear switches?

You can type fast with linear switches as with any other switch varieties. Once you get accustomed to a switch style, you can type fast on it.

Are all linear switches good for gaming?

Linear switches are great for gaming. Gamers love linear switches for their smooth and consistent keystrokes.

Why do gamers use linear switches?

Gamers use linear switches for their smooth and consistent keystrokes.

Do linear switches break in?

If you feel your linear switches are scratchy, they might still need to break in. You can either break them in through usage over time or you can lube them.

Are linear switches mechanical?

Linear switches are one variety of mechanical switches known for their smooth keystrokes. Contrast this to tactile mechanical switches, which offer a bump in their keystrokes.

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