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Know what switches feel like before buying them

Try 10 switches for 5 days. Discover your favorite switch—right at your fingertips—before making a purchase.

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Get a realistic typing experience when sampling switches with our redesigned switch testers

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Compare switches right next to each other so you can hone in on your unique preferences

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Spotlight: Gateron Baby Kangaroos

Typing on these Baby Kangaroo switches is a truly remarkable experience, characterized by a refreshingly crisp tactility and enchanting marbley sound profile that will captivate you.

Top 5 tactile switches in 2023

Try before you buy switches

Pick 10 switches to try at home for 5 days. Your try at-home kit comes with a preprinted return shipping label.

The try at-home program is the most cost-effective and interactive way to discover the best switches for you. Try a variety of switches and be delightfully surprised by what you'll like and dislike.

Ergonomically sample switches

Try at-home switches come installed on bases modeled after a keyboard’s home row. Type as you normally would during your trial to find the best switch for you.

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The try at-home program helped me figure out my next switch to try and lead me to buying something I probably never would’ve considered otherwise.
Jonathan D., VA
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Save time and energy

Find the best switch for you in 5 days instead of 25. The try at-home program makes navigating an increasingly wide selection of switches easier than ever.

Eliminate guesswork

Forget trawling through YouTube videos, Discord logs, or Reddit posts to guess what switch is best for you. By trying switches, you can be sure which one belongs in your dream keyboard.

Find what’s unmistakably yours

We offer an eclectic selection of switches—from linear to tactile, light to heavy—so you can discover the perfect switch for you.