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I can try switches at home before buying them?

Sure can! Milktooth's try at-home program allows you to try 10 switches for 5 days.

Here's what people have to say about our try at-home program.

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This is the first time I’m using your service and it’s genius! I really love being able to test switches without buying and guessing! Again, super helpful to have a resource like this company when starting my first custom keyboard journey! THANK YOU! ☺️

Zachary T., CO

Sound tests are aplenty, but it’s hard to explain “feel” in videos. Getting to try before you buy makes a huge difference. I’ll definitely be recommending you guys to everyone that will listen to me ramble!

Tristan W., NE

As far as how my experience has been - I put my switches back in the mail today because I wasn’t sure about when they arrived (because they arrived 3 days before the predicted arrival time!) but I absolutely LOVE your service!!! I already have a second tester order lined up & ready to go as soon as I get confirmation you got my first one back. I‘m someone who has to feel things for themselves instead of trusting the internet for what’s “thock” / “clack” / “scratchy” / “marbly” / [insert whatever other adjectives switch reviewers use] so I seriously appreciate the opportunity to feel all these switches for myself and determine what I like. Overall, thanks for existing!

Emily M., NC

Hey I just wanted to say I really a appreciated the business you run. I don’t think custom keyboard building will become a hobby for me but the sampling program really helped me make sure i got what was right for me on the first try.

Dakota O., OH

Very useful and really affordable to try out switches. This helped me a ton.

Shane B., LA

I’m on the periphery of the Keyboard world. I have a few, but it’s not my main hobby and I’m not fully immersed in all the options out there. The try at home program helped me figure out my next switch to try and lead me to buying something I probably never would’ve considered otherwise.

Jonathan D., VA

I thought it was very easy to use so I have no issues. Five days exceeded the amount of time I really needed with the switches, but the time felt right because I didn't feel stressed about how fast I had to return the switches.

Karin S., CA

The wide selection makes it easily the only place I will buy switches. Trying switches myself was amazing and I will definitely do it again.

Harold D., CA

Honestly great service, and super glad you have it because I have a really hard time deciding on anything so to have it in hand is awesome. I really do like the 3D printed trays they come in, as I don't have a [compatible] keyboard yet so it gives a better indication of the feel of the switch as well as the sound. Definitely will be ordering from you guys once we decide on keys: the customer service I've received from you both over email and here has been probably the best I've ever personally experienced

Kaileb G., CO

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this try-before-you-buy experience! I ended up picking a switch that I was skeptical about with the rest I got in to try, so I’m sold on buying switches this way.

Stuart Y., TX

The try at-home program made me confident in my choice in switches while also being waste free. Was able to make a confident decision regarding key switch choice. In fact I even know the next switches I want as well!

Alex C., CA

I really enjoyed the try-at-home program. I got to try a variety of switches I otherwise would not have and shared the experience with those around me. It's perfect for people who want to get the right switches for themselves and want to try the switches out with their own hands.

Nick G., CA

[The try at-home program] let me know that I should think about linear switches after all - I've always gone for tactiles but it turns out I like the feel of the linears I tried very much.

Jen M., WI

The [try at-home] program is awesome. I loved being able to feel and hear how the switches will function before making a purchase. Saved me a lot of time from researching and watching videos.

Fernando C., CA

I found the program to be extremely helpful for gaining knowledge on different types of switches (e.g. the difference between a light and heavy tactile). I also benefitted from not needing to buy every switch to try them.

Charles G., PA

I think this is an awesome step forward in the online keyboard shopping experience. Those with buyer's paralysis (me, haha) are able to test products before making a confident decision.

Al W., CA

I'm satisfied with the program and the Milktooth service.

Doug S., NE

Great option that no one else has. Very, very helpful to have multiple of the same switch in a row! Way better than to have a single switch on a switch tester mixed in with others.

Kelly K., CA