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Your guide to Durock switches

What are Durock switches?

Durock switches are switches manufactured by Durock. Durock designs and manufactures some of the best linear and tactile switches on the market today.

Are Durock switches good?

Durock switches have become one of the most popular switches today—and for good reason. Durock’s T1 tactile switches, known for their rounded tactile bump, are one of the most well-loved tactile switch options today.

Are Durock switches good for gaming?

Yes, Durock switches work well for gaming. Gamers use both Durock’s linear and tactile switches and love them for their tactile bump and smooth keystrokes, respectively.

Is Durock the same as JWK?

Durock is directly related to JWK. You can think of Durock as the manufacturer behind JWK, which is the brand. Because JWK switches are manufactured by Durock, this has led to some ambiguity about terminology within the keyboard community.

What is the connection between Jwick and Durock?

Durock and Jwick are two brands of switches made by the same manufacturer. You can think of the connection between the two brands as that of Nike and Jordans: different brands, same manufacturer.

Your guide to clicky switches

What is a clicky switch?

Clicky switches are a type of switch that offer users a tactile bump when pressing down and have a signature loud “clicky-clack” sound profile.

What are clicky switches good for?

Clicky switches are great for their tactile feedback in their keystrokes and their signature pronounced crunchy sound signature. Clicky switches are best for personal environments such as for your gaming setup or home-office due to its sound profile.

Are clicky switches better?

Ultimately, the best switch for you comes down to personal preference. But if you are looking for a tactile typing experience with a loud and crunchy sound profile, then clicky switches are for you.

Do clicky switches feel weird?

Clicky switches should not feel weird: they have a tactile bump. However, if you prefer a smoother typing experience, consider linear switches.

Can you type fast with clicky switches?

You can type fast with clicky switches as with any other switch varieties. Once you get accustomed to a switch style, you can type fast on it.

Are all clicky switches good for gaming?

Clicky switches are great for gaming. Gamers love clicky switches for their sound profile and tactile feedback.

Why do gamers use clicky switches?

Gamers use clicky switches for strong tactile and audio feedback when they type.

Are clicky switches mechanical?

Clicky switches are one variety of mechanical switches known for their tactility and “clicky-clack” sound profile. Contrast this to linear mechanical switches, which feel smooth and are comparatively quiet.

What is the most clicky switch?

The most clicky switches are those with a click bar such as the Kailh Box Whites.

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